Friday, January 10, 2014

Still around, just shifted work load


I am still around but have shifted my work load when I gave birth to #4 only 20 months after #3. I thought kids were to get further apart but mine got closer! That's ok, I am super Blessed!

I do hope to return in making, collecting quilts for needs of others.

Keep on sewing with Love, the threads that bind it will show it!

HUGS and I do miss quilting!


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A brief Hiatus, so Keep Sharing!!

I am taking a break because we are expecting our 4th child. I am unable to manage anything else right now.

Sharing Quilts is near and dear to me and KNOW I WILL BE BACK!

Until then, Please help these other wonderful people sharing quilts!!
I know there are more and will post as I am able. Start here and donate to them Now!

Keep Sharing Quilts!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Agatha Quilts done! Stay tuned for future postings/needs!!!

Thank you to those who have prayed and had good intentions to help with this Sharing Quilts Effort. Grandma Rockton's Quilts are in loving hands and it's a JOY to be part of it too. We want those in desperate times to know they are Loved!

This will conclude our Call for quilts for Agatha Victims. I am about to go stateside for an extended period of time for maternity leave.

I will still be posting here! Posting other organizartions who are calling for Quilts for various Charities and Needs! We never know what desperate or traumatic even will come and call us to Share a Quilt!

Keep making quilts and it doesn't hurt to do a few and keep to the side when people may do this - ask for a quilt for a need!

Let me know about YOUR Charity Quilt project and I will post it here!


Monday, June 28, 2010

First Set of Quilts received for Agatha victims

This is Sew Exciting! GrandmaRockton had sent in these beauties to go to Tropical Storm Agatha victims in Guatemala!

A baby quilt with a onesie! It's is so soft! The border sewing detail is Beautiful too! Thanks bunches!

Another baby quilt, my favorite, a quick quilt, printed fabric panel! It is perfect! This can go to either gender and it is just adorable!

This one is very comfy! It's about a twin size and will be enjoyed for sure!

Bless you for sending these to us and your note said you will send more! Fantastic! I'll work with you offline on arrangements. I got your message too, just have had very limited time to reply!!! But I got this box and just HAD to post these photos ASAP!!!


Thursday, June 17, 2010

Preparing for quilts to make and recieve!

The July 1st deadline is fast approaching, and we'll take quilts and quilt tops. See the original post for instructions. While this time approaches, I have gone through a generous donated (in 2008) stash. Looking for the largest pieces I can to make double bed size bed spreads. front and back as solid as I can and I will tie or machine quilt it.

Here are some photos of what I found...

In the stack, towards the bottom are smaller ones, I will make twin and crib size. Most are long, I will cut the length in half and sew side-by-side to make the double.


If you would like to donate, go to the instruction page.

Thank you for your heart in Sharing Quilts!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Share a quilt with an Agatha storm victim

Here is the original post with instructions

First, I want to praise those who have responded! I cannot wait to get your quilts and hand them to families who may still be living in a shelter. I have even posted it to two of our churches and maybe more soon. Praying for more responses!

I admit I am a bit surprised at the slow response to this precious quilt drive. I know the quilt community is amazing, I wonder if it is the timing of the year... I know many are excited about school being out and summer being here). I wonder if it is the quick deadline... I have even offered future deadlines, because this will be an on going drive for these victims.

If anyone had advice on how to run this better, I am all ears!

We will take quilt tops! Quilts are being made here too. I have all my fabric ready I just am waiting to raise some funds for batting.

We will take your "ugly duckling" quilts. When you are cold and homeless, I do not think you will be picky about the color scheme of a hand made quilt (meaning machine or hand pieced). Your idea of an ugly quilt may be another person's idea of an awesome gift given freely and out of love!

I guess if needed, we'll take any orphan blocks! We can make a quilt by adding borders and such. We really want people to know they are loved and we think a quilt is an awesome way to show that love. Being wrapped in a quilt is like being hugged!

Thank you for your time and heart in Sharing Quilts,

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Update on Quilt for Agatha Victims in Guatemala

Hello Quilt community! 

We have had 4 people respond and commit to providing a quilt or two each! This is great and very much needed (you all have no idea). I know we'll need a lot more and exact amounts will be posted as soon as we know. Until then, I am going to make as many as I can with what I have in my humble stash. I just need to go buy batting in bulk somewhere as inexpensive as I can get!  Please, Email sharingquilts(at) to get on the list to commit to a quilt (or more) for a family that is now homeless because it rained so much that mud came down a hill and took their home.
The Need
I am typing this after my husband just attended a meeting of local government officials on many levels and area NGOs. A lot was learned about the exact amount of damage 10 minutes from our home and across three main villages/cities. After, speaking with my husband about the meeting, I asked what he felt we should do in our concentration of relief efforts. Until now we have been giving to a "general pool". He has picked a town that we will focus on and talk with the leader of that town (equivalent to a mayor) and talk about the 20 families on his list (he brought it to the meeting to get help for them) that, now, no longer have home and will not be able to rebuild where they were. The mayor has the families names and their needs, but we were not able to obtain that list tonight.

It's Personal
Now with this more focused approach, we can make this effort of relief more personal. We will adopt a family at a time as we can and help with their need(s).It will be so great to present a quilt that YOU made and send photos back of them being wrapped in your love! I'll hug them for you too!

Round 1 of many
So please keep inquiring to help! I have a current deadline of July 1st for this first round. I will be personally picking these quilts (or quilt tops) up in the states and bringing them back to Guatemala. I have some options in Mid to Late August for more to come down with people I know flying from the states to Guatemala. They will be handing them to me and as described above, we'll personally take them to a family that is on the mayor's list of homeless!

Photo by Genesis Davies - This is a cornstalk/bamboo home blown/washed down, basically destroyed.

Bless you and thank you for your heart in Sharing Quilts!
Jackie Davis